Coinomat paradigm shift.

Coinomat was started with the idea of providing instant Crypto to Crypto exchanges, which could reduce the overhead of jumping through the hoops of regular exchanges for users who just need to buy their crypto fast. Instant crypto to crypto exchanges is a nice idea which has also been picked up by other projects, but its time probably has not come yet. Crypto arena is experiencing some sort of post-bubble condition, similar to dot-com boom of the 90′s. To make crypto as successful as Internet itself we need to build bridges between crypto and “regular”, fiat currencies world. We should not exclude any valid cryptocurrency projects, each coin with a sizable community is a part of crypto ecosystem and brings value to the table. Such projects as Supernet build bridges between different islands in cryptoland, we will be more focused on doing our bit in building the bridge between crypto and fiat archipelago. To that end we’re going to start integrating as many val… Read more

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