What is SuperNET and why it’s cool.

If you follow our service developments you’ve probably heard that we are a core service of SuperNET. Currently we’re close to the first major release of SuperNET related crypto application – NXT cryptocurrency GUI client with Coinomat services integrated in it. So this is a good moment to discuss SuperNET and explain why this should and most probably will be a revolutionary achievement. So what is SuperNET? In one sentence it is a bridge between different crypto islands which were totally disconnected before. Upon Bitcoin revolution hundreds and even thousands of cryptocoins have been launched, each having its own blockchain, completely disconnected from any other blockchain. Hundreds of islands around the huge Bitcoin archipelago appeared on Cryptomap having no connection to mainland and to each other. They were self-contained ivory towers, trying to attract as much user attention as possible and competing against one another. One coin had features the other… Read more

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