Decentralized stock exchanges – the future might be closer than we think.

Let’s continue our coverage of crypto securities, there’s some great news to discuss., a major online retailer which started accepting Bitcoin several months ago, has announced its partnership with Counterparty developers – Crypto 2.0 based on top of Bitcoin network. Counterparty was one of the first projects (along with NXT) implementing a decentralized stock exchange based on Blockchain technology. Patrick Byrne, Overstock founder, plans to build fully compliant distributed marketplace on top of Bitcoin network. This is an epic endeavor, and may be a harbinger of tectonic shifts in future, and that’s why. Most people involved in crypto consider it to be completely incompatible with current legislation. Using blockchain tokens as currency blows the state monopoly for issuing money, using tokens as company stock certainly seems to undermine current stock market compliance practices – there’s no underwriter bank, no market maker… Read more

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