Why cryptocurrency world needs more services like ours.

We launched our project several months ago, during that time we saw dozens of new exchanges sprouting up, a lot of hype and speculation in the altcoins arena, lots of BTC volatility. The cryptocurrency world is fueled by speculation, which might be not such a bad thing after all. Innovation is always pushed by some urgent needs and emotions, and greed is a very strong emotion. “Greed is good”, you must have watched that classic movie. We are also a financial service which makes its profits from clients commission, so what makes us different? Cryptocurrencies surfaced as a new asset class, and they should experience serious growth in this role. This is digital gold, and gold trading has always been huge. Wall Street should love cryptos. But truly successful cryptocoins have be supported by real economy. You cannot make a really successful cryptocurrency without the ability to pay for goods and services with it. Really huge market capitalization can be achieved only through… Read more

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